The project

1 / 10 Koneser is a place with identity Modern urban space in Praga, part of the tradition and local colour of the district. Koneser is a brand setting high contemporary standards for living, working and leisure.
2 / 10 Koneser is the essence of Praga Ząbkowska and Targowa streets, the Różycki Bazaar, the Orthodox Cathedral and Koneser are the most recognized places on the map of Praga, a district of Warsaw with a strong identity and unique, authentic urban culture, customs and language.
3 / 10 Koneser is pure tradition In the late 19th century the Warsaw Distillery was established at Koneser. For many years it was the national leader in production of fine spirits. Here the state spirits monopoly distilled classic vodkas Wyborowa, Luksusowa and Żubrówka.
4 / 10 Koneser deserves a medal Under monetary reform, the Polish State Mint was opened in one of the buildings at Koneser on 14 April 1924. Coins, medals and orders were struck here until the Second World War.
5 / 10 Koneser is spatial harmony Exceptional mixed-use space combining residential, retail, office and cultural functions. Koneser is a model for contemporary urban space: open, friendly and nearby.
6 / 10 Koneser is architecture with character The architectural design for revitalization of Koneser includes adaptation of old post-industrial facilities and creation of contemporary buildings harmoniously reflecting the landmark urban fabric.
7 / 10 Koneser is a brand unto itself A select location, luxury standard and Praga colour in its purest form. Tradition commands   respect. The new Koneser will include the Polish Vodka Museum—the only one of its kind in   the world.
8 / 10 Koneser is creativity and potential The high standard of the office space and the friendly atmosphere, far from the anonymity of huge office complexes, ensures creative conditions for work and business growth. The creative potential of the location is the sum of the functionality of the spaces, the modernity   of the solutions, and the unique entrepreneurial spirit.
9 / 10 Koneser — extraordinary is the new standard A new quality of everyday life, ideal finishing standards, and functional architectural   solutions are the hallmark of the apartments and lofts at Koneser. Their exceptional aura is   created by modern buildings harmoniously blending into the spaces of revitalized factory buildings.
10 / 10 Koneser is style and elegance Global trends and a unique shopping atmosphere will soon be featured at Koneser. Numerous boutiques and brand-name shops will arise next to cosy cafés, fine restaurants and galleries. The style will allude to the tradition of metropolitan shopping streets and arcades.