Praga To Offer More Than Its Traditional Potato Dumplings Over 30% of the retail space at Koneser will be taken up by food and beverage establishments

Ząbkowska street is already one of the most bustling spots in Warsaw. In less than two years, entertainment, culture and gastronomy will also become the trademark of Centrum Praskie Koneser, now under construction on the 5-hectare plot where Warsaw Vodka Distillery used to be. Its investors, Liebrecht & wooD and BBI Development S.A., have earmarked over 30% of the commercial space for gastronomy and entertainment venues.

Carefully refurbished Koneser buildings, in combination with the newer structures inspired by post-industrial style, will result in one of the most original urban quarters of the city. Restaurants, cafés and bars – over twenty of them in total – are to be one of the central pivots of this project. Koneser also stands apart for large generally accessible spaces between buildings, which create pedestrian walkways free from vehicles. Restaurant gardens, relax zones and cultural events held on the public squares are poised to make this spot the centre of Koneser’s daily life. Currently, its investors, with the support of Knight Frank consultancy, are holding talks with potential gastronomy tenants in order to hammer out concepts that will best suit the atmosphere of the entire project.



’It is a pleasure for us to watch how the area around Ząbkowska street is developing, attracting interesting entertainment and cultural initiatives to the right bank of the Vistula. We want to make sure that Koneser is an added value to them, especially since we are planning the introduction of some original concepts that are fruit of our cooperation with renowned restaurateurs. At this stage, we are planning to allocate about 6,000 sq m of lease space for food and beverage establishments,’ – said Mariusz Kozłowski, President of the Management Board at Liebrecht & wooD Poland.


‘Our goal is to make the gastronomy offer another one of the many reasons to visit Koneser. It will certainly be one of the ’tastiest’ places in Warsaw, offering its patrons a broad range of flavours from all over the world. We are positive that every enthusiast of good food and fine drink will find here something to suit their palate,’ added Bogda Korolczuk, Retail Leasing and Operations Director at Liebrecht & wooD Poland.


‘Restaurants, cafés and bars will be the heart of Koneser. They will be frequented by people who come here to shop, but also by hotel and conference centre guests. A place serving quick meals for employees of the nearby offices will be opened here – but this time, importantly, ’quick meals’ is not tantamount to ’fast food’ within the meaning of brands readily available at typical commercial centres. The residents of lofts located on the Koneser premises will also be catered to, as we are planning to open a family restaurant located in one of the more quiet parts of the complex,’ commented Marta Keszkowska, Leasing Manager at Knight Frank.
The yummy offer at Koneser will be complemented by a healthy food market, selling products from renowned ecological suppliers, such as top-quality meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and a broad range of regional products. Koneser will also have a traditional supermarket.


‘Koneser was inspired, among others, by the Battersea Power Station in London, the post-industrial Hafen City in Hamburg, the Meatpacking District in New York or the Silicon Docks in Ireland. All these places are reclaimed post-industrial areas, whose revitalization did what had seemed impossible,’ commented Paweł Materny, Head of Retail Agency at Knight Frank. ‘Modern architecture, cleverly weaved into the historical fabric of red-brick buildings, gives rise to a space with a unique urban feel, where you simply want to spend time,’ he added.


The construction of the commercial part of Centrum Praskie Koneser commenced in the fall of 2015. Its completion is scheduled for the end of 2017.