Polish Vodka Museum


Koneser is a brand unto itself. A select location, luxury standard and Praga colour in its purest form. For decades Koneser was connected with the history of production of Polish vodka and famous spirits   brands. Tradition commands respect, and the new Koneser will include the Polish Vodka  Museum—the only one of its kind in the world. The museum will be created in the landmark distillery building.

The main theme of the exhibition, presenting the over 600-year history of vodka production   in Polish lands, will be the local manufacturing tradition and world renown of Polish vodka. The concept for creation of the museum was the initiative of the Pernod Ricard Group, which has implemented similar ventures in other countries.

The concept for the exhibition space combines  historical artefacts from the site and post-industrial architectural elements with multimedia and interactive presentation technologies, as well as exhibition of the museum collection. The opening of the Polish Vodka Museum at Praga Koneser Center is planned for 2017.



Stowarzyszenie Polska Wódka Polish Vodka Association (PVA)

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